Save Money With Low Price Fuel Oil!


The largest overall benefit of getting discount fuel is saving a lot of money on the cost of oil.  If your unit is in great shape you probably won’t have many service calls and the benefit is clear.  Hopefully, you have been getting an annual maintenance to help keep your system running smoothly.  The truth is though that not all units are in great shape and new units become “old” units in a matter of years, especially if they have been neglected.  One service call can use up all of the savings you made by buying C.O.D. oil.

We charge $150 per hour plus parts for any service calls we do for customers that aren’t a part of our buyers club.  We also maintain the right to refuse any systems to work on and will not offer 24/7 service to non buyer group customers.  If you don’t think you will get any service calls then maybe you should stick with COD oil.  If you have even one service call though it could wipe out any savings you have made by buying COD oil.  Make sure to think clearly and plan effectively for your unique situation.  We want to see you save money and want to prevent you from being robbed be greedy companies or other buying groups that don’t even do the work themselves.

If you are considering a service plan, then check out our buyers club.  We work locally to reduce our costs and in return can offer you better prices on oil including a 24/7 service contract.  Please read more about our COD oil and buyers club service plan.  You will be glad you did.


*24/7 service contract is free to buyer group members that have paid their annual membership dues of $199.99.  Any parts used will be charged at cost with no markup.  Yearly maintenance (nozzle, strainer, filter included)  is free to club members.